Chisels, Chisels And Punches


  • Lot 6 Pfeil Swiss Made Gouge Woodcarving Chisel's Hand Tools Chisels
  • 1869-1874 3 Timber Slick By Tuttle, Date And Rodden On New Hickory Handle
  • Carpenters Tool Lot Antiqe 8 Pieces
  • 3mm Pro Diamond Stitching Chisel Craft Tool Picking Iron Leathercraft Leather Tonging, Kyoshin Elle Japan
  • Brass Edge Electric Polisher, Square Groove, Curve Groove, 2 Groove, 4 Grooves, Burner, For Leathercraft Tool
  • Fran Ais Style Pricking Iron Chisel Stitching Lacing Leather Leathercraft Craft Tool
  • Awl Binding, Paper Hole Poin, Leather Crafts And Binding Tool For Piercing Hole
  • Ancient Auger Tool
  • Returned Vintage Warnock Galt (can) 1 Scissor Corner With New Hickory Handle
  • Canadian Made Warnock Galt 1 Corner Chisel Timber Framing Tool
  • Vintage Antique Copper Welding Tool 2 Pieces Together
  • Ancient 1800s Figurative Carved Hand Plane
  • 2 Wood Framing Chisel, Short
  • From The Japanese Pricking Iron Style, Punch Hole Edge Leathercraft Craft Tool
  • Native Artifact War Hammer Stone Axe
  • Right Forged Hand Blade Carpenters Chisel With Hamon