Chisels, Chisels And Punches


  • Ancient 1841-1872 Hand Forged Caleb J. Kimball Draw Knife Incurvé 9 Blade Rare
  • Ancient Auger Tool
  • Returned Vintage Warnock Galt (can) 1 Scissor Corner With New Hickory Handle
  • Canadian Made Warnock Galt 1 Corner Chisel Timber Framing Tool
  • Vintage Antique Copper Welding Tool 2 Pieces Together
  • 1800s Stanley Pocket Miniture Patented Level Feb 1890 Rare
  • Ancient 1800s Figurative Carved Hand Plane
  • Native Artifact War Hammer Stone Axe
  • 18 Inches Of Oil Can Keyes De Leeds.